Our Cattle

The beef from our 100% vegetarian diet Piedmontese and Limousin cattle is extremely tender and flavorful while being leaner and healthier than feedlot beef.


Farm-to-Table Beef

All of our Piedmontese (Pied-X) production cattle are born on our farm, are grass fed, and are corn finished. They are raised hormone-free, are not fed medicated minerals, and eat a 100% vegetarian diet of grass, hay, corn, and a protein supplement. We grow the grass, virtually all of the hay, and the corn too! Click here to read our protocols for raising our cattle.

Most of the beef sold in the U.S. is Angus, Hereford, or Charolais. These are the breeds that are most frequently purchased by the feedlots, resold to the large beef processors, and then resold to your local supermarket.

Some ranchers sell grass-fed Angus, Hereford, Charolais, or other common cattle directly to consumers. Although generally considered to be healthier to eat, beef from these grass-fed breeds is typically found to be tougher and less flavorful than the feedlot beef because of the lack of marbling.

The key to tender and flavorful grass-fed beef lies with the choice of breeds.  Our Pied-X beef comes from a cross of a Piedmontese bull and a cow that is typically Limousin, Angus, or a Lim/Angus mix.  

The Piedmontese breed developed naturally in the Piedmont area of Northern Italy, and has a unique genetic trait that results in beef with much lower fat and calories than traditional beef.  Crossing-breeding Piedmontese bulls with non-Piedmontese cows results in grass-fed beef that is remarkably more tender and tasty than beef from common grass-fed cattle while being much lower in fat and calories than beef from feedlot cattle.  Many people have concluded that Pied-X steaks are the most wonderful steaks to be found!    


Our products are only available at our Spring River Cattle Company store located on our farm in Oronogo, and at our satellite store located in Carthage, MO.   We do not presently sell products online.  Come visit us.  We would love to meet you!

The Oronogo store is located at 22035 Maverick Road.  That’s Highway D at Maverick Road (near Quaker Mill), just 1 mile north of Christ’s Church of Oronogo, and just 7 miles north of the Praying Hands Memorial in Webb City. 

The Carthage store is located at 912 W Central Avenue.


Piedmontese Beef is Leaner

High Protein, Low Fat


Our Retail Outlets

Spring River Cattle Company Tender, Grass-Fed Piedmontese Beef

  • Steaks
    • Filet Mignon
    • Rib Eye
    • Sirloin
    • Strip
    • T-Bone (special order)
  • Roasts
    • Arm
    • Chuck
    • Sirloin
    • Rump
  • Ground Beef
    • 80% Lean Ground Beef Patties
    • 80% Lean Ground Beef Tubes
    • 90% Lean Ground Beef Tubes
  • Briskets
  • Minute Steaks
  • Stew Meat
  • Short Ribs

Fresh Pork

  • Baby Back Ribs

Fresh Sausages

  • Scimeca's Hot Italian Sausage
  • Scimeca's Mild Italian Sausage

Volpi Salami

  • Genoa Salame
  • Hot Sopressata Salame
  • Dry Salsiccia Salame
  • Romano Salame

A Selection of BBQ Sauces, Rubs, Pasta Sauces and Other Good Stuff! 

Oronogo Store


Monday-Friday 3pm-7pm
Saturday 9am-7pm
Sunday closed

22035 Maverick Road
Oronogo, MO 64855

Highway D at Maverick; 1 mile north of Christ Church of Oronogo; 7 miles north of the Praying Hands Memorial


 Monday - Saturday:  11 AM - 8 PM

Sunday:  Noon - 8 PM  

912 W Central Avenue
Carthage, MO 64836

0.6 Miles East of I-49 on Central Avenue